Цель урока: Обучение письменной речи.


1. Учебные: Повторить употребление степеней сравнения прилагательных.

Тренировать в чтении и устной речи. Научить писать статью, выражающую своё мнение на заданную тему.

 2. Развивающие: Развивать способность к функционально – адекватному сочетанию лексических единиц и логическому изложению.

 3. Познавательные: Познакомить с новым способом выражения своего мнения.

 4. Воспитательные: Воспитывать уважительное отношение к другому мнению.

Оборудование: Компьютер, экран, раздаточный материал.

Ход урока.

  1. Организационный момент.

T: Good morning, children! I`m glad to see you. Today we shall read, speak as usual. We shall also write. What about? You`ll tell me yourselves a bit later.

     II. Речевая зарядка.

T: Answer my questions:

  Do you like travelling? Is there anybody who doesn`t like travelling?

  What can we travel by? (By car, by bus, by plane, by train, by boat, by bike, on foot)

T: Look at the screen! (2 слайд)  What do you see? (Different means of transport)

   What are we going to speak about? ( About transport)

   III.    Тренировка в употреблении степеней сравнения прилагательных.

T: Which of these means of transport is the fastest of all? (A plane)

     Which of these means of transport is the slowest? (A bicycle)

     Which of these means of transport is the most comfortable? (A train)

     Which of these means of transport is the most expensive? (A plane)

   Which of these means of transport is the cheapest? (A bicycle)

   What can you travel to the country by? (By bus, by car, by bicycle)

    What means of transport do you prefer to travel?  Why?

    IV.    Тренировка в чтении и беседа по прочитанному.

1). Снятие языковых трудностей. (3 слайд) 

 T: Look at these words. Say them after me. Read them to each other. (Ex.1)

2). T: (Раздаточный материал) What do you see on the cards? (A text) What is it about? (About trains)    

T:  Before each paragraph you can see two words or expressions. Read the article and choose the correct one. Underline them in your cards. (Ex.2) (4 слайд)  

(Firstly, Furthermore, Secondly, On the other hand, All in all)

3). T:   Now replace the chosen words with synonyms from the list. (5 слайд)  

 (1: To start with; 2: What is more/ In addition; 3: What is more/ Furthermore/

 In addition; 4: However; 5: In conclusion). (Ex.3)

 4). T:   Match the paragraphs to the headings:  — opposing viewpoints and reasons   (paragraph 4); — viewpoints and reasons (paragraphs 2, 3);— introduce topic and state opinion ( paragraph 1);— restate opinion ( paragraph 5)

 5). T:   Find the positive viewpoints and reasons. (Trains are safe – no traffic jams/ less chance of having an accidents. Trains are pleasant to travel – fast, comfortable.                                                                                                                 

 6). T:    Find negative viewpoint and reason.

     (Train fares are expensive – tickets cost a lot of money)


 7). T:  So we have read the article about trains. What does the author of the text express?  (His opinion about travelling by train).

      T:   What are we going to write today? (An article)

      T:   What will the article express? (Our opinion)

      T: Now open your copy-books and write down the topic of the lesson.

         (6 слайд)  («Trains are the best». Writing an article expressing your opinion).

  V.   Обучение написанию статьи.

(7 слайд) 1). T:  On the screen you see the writing tip. Read it. (Ex.4)

 (8 слайд) 2). T:  Now, you can see the plan. Read it. (Ex.5)

 (9 слайд) 3). T:  Now match the viewpoints (1 – 5) to the reasons (a – e). (Ex.6).     T: Which are positive? Which are negative?  Let`s check your answers.  What are they about? (About planes)     ( 1– b – positive; 2 – d – positive; 3 – e – negative; 4 – c – negative;  5– a – positive)

 4). T:  Make sentences using Firstly, Furthermore, Also, In addition and However.

 (10 слайд)

5). T:  Write an article about air travel. Use the plan and the sentences

(120 -150 words). 6). T: Let`s listen your articles. (2-3 учащихся)

(11 слайд)  Compare my article with yours.

  VI.    Итоги. Оценки.

T:  What did we do today? (We spoke about means of transport, we read and spoke

about trains and planes. We wrote an article about planes.)

T: What did we learn? (New words, how to write an article expressing your opinion.)

  VII.   Домашняя работа.

(12 слайд)  T: Write an article about travelling by bus .Use the plan and the articles about travelling by train and by plane. (120 – 150 words)


Trains are the best.

 1.    Why do thousands of people every day let the train take the strain? Because travelling by train is, in my opinion, the best way to travel.

2.      1) Also / Firstly, travelling by train is safe, you don`t have to worry about traffic jams or other problems that you find on the roads.

2) Furthermore / However, because there is no other traffic there is less chance of having an accident.

3.       3) Secondly/ In addition, travelling by train is far more pleasant than, for example, travelling by bus. Trains are faster and what is more the seats are far more comfortable. You can also sit back and enjoy watching the countryside. Instead of having to stare at other cars and buses on the motorway.

4.        4) On the other hand/Furthermore, although trains are fast and comfortable, some people say that train fares are too expensive. Tickets cost a lot of money. As far as I`m concerned, though, you get what you pay for, and the extra speed, convenience, safety and comfort of a train is worth a little extra cost.

5.         5) All in all / Despite, I think that although rail travel can be expensive it is worth it. There are no traffic jams to cope with and you can relax and enjoy the scenery in comfort and safety. So, next time you have to make a journey, why not try travelling by train and see what a difference it makes?

Trains План урока

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